There has always been the dream of a garden in my adult life. As a child, I grew up in a small city garden, lovingly tended by my parents. Now my own garden has found me, a 1/2 acre property in the heart of Atlanta, GA. A long way from home, and a vastly different gardening experience. I used to love summer outdoors, now fall and spring are the seasons to come alive in the flower beds and the times I thrive in my  life and soul.

Gardening has brought so much to me –  mostly a creative outlet for my need to design and create. My garden has become my place of peace, my refuge. My home. It has brought new people into my life, sometimes showing up unexpected with a plant in hand, willing to share their own bounty with those just starting out.

A garden always has something to give back to you. Even if one neglects it, there will be work and struggle in return – teaching one the importance of consistency and patience. All great life lessons are in a garden. Most importantly – that what you nurture and care for will give back to you in abundance. Food. Beauty. Love. Friendship old and new.

This is the story of my garden.

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