Winter in Lakeshore Garden

As I stepped outside into the cool morning, I realize that fall has truly come and gone and winter is not likely to pass quickly. The garden has that misty silence to it, that only cool nights and wet mornings

can bring. The coleus has not survived the recent night temperatures – those nights that make the kale and cabbages rejoice and the dahlias weep. This is still my favorite season in the garden.

This year has gone by like a whirlwind, sometimes closer to an ocean breeze, sometimes more like a hurricane. At some points I have completely lost control over the garden, with weed sprouting everywhere and surprise guests showing up in unexpected places. Other times I have felt the deep satisfaction of a job well done. Now begins the season of clean up and renewal. It is time to take stock of what was, what remains and what should become. Some spent flowers have to go while other will stay as stalk reminders of the good times past and to feed the birds. One section will be transplanted completely to make room for a much more fitted planting plan – the site is getting too dry to hold roses and daisies. And bulbs have planted, no sign of what is to come under that wet layer of leaves. That magic treasure of spring joy, I love unwrapping more then Christmas gifts.

And then, without little warning, snow came. Lots of it for Georgia gardens, turning everything into a winter wonderland for a few short hours.  The little one loved, the dog loved it, even the gardener was trying to focus on chill hours needed for the apple tree and tulips, rather then worrying about my hydrangeas. My significant other scowled and started to free the cars from the icy grip. he should have had a cup of tea instead – the snow melted as fast as it came. All is back to how it should be.


I hope everyone had a wonderful garden year. I am ready for the cold season and a more quiet garden, with a little less bloom and a lot less work.


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