Client work – Perennial Bliss

I recently had the chance to help a fantastic client renovate her front yard. A few years earlier, when she first bought the house, a large landscaping company had come in and completed one of their typical plantings  – Knock out roses, hydrangeas, hosta and gardenia. Good back bone plantings that were great for structure, but eventually left the client wanting more. More color, more bloom, more garden excitement.


Several attempts with annual plantings soon unraveled, due to the high cost and high maintenance need of these plantings. Therefore she asked me to help her design a low maintenance, but bloom heavy perennial border, that will provide interest year round. She also wanted to maintain a low growing profile, leaving the views of the surrounding gardens open for neighborly chats.

We started out with an assessment of what was already there, as we wanted to incorporate those plants into the new plan. There were some drainage issues that needed to be addressed – cleaning up the excising drain cover and adding a overflow run off.

We decided on a mix of several mounding perennials, combined with some small ground 20170415_124517cover in the front, to keep a clear path for the sprinklers. A butterfly bush serves as a fast growing focal point, framed by two Lorepetalum with a low and weeping growing profile. This then is amended by Shasta Daisies, Sedum and Black-eyed Susanns. For some interest in foliage, we added some Artemisia, creating a color palette, that will be predominately in the silver, green and purple range, as well as yellows and reds in the fall.

Everything looked a little tiered, right after planting, but the structure was promising. A month later, it was clear the plants loved their new home. Everything had significantly grown and was already blooming. Hopefully for many more years to come.


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