Lakeshore Garden – End of April

When the sun dapples through the trees and a mild wind blows through the ornamental grass, I sit and think about how wonderful it is to be the guardian of this garden. I may have created it, but never

did I expect it to be what it is today. It is true that passion will always lead to something great.


It is rose season and they are all in full bloom. The David Austin Collection is outshining one another on a daily basis, with new blooms opening and older ones fading into deeper colors. The “Munstead Wood” is still my favorite, its musky smell filling the air every evening walk through the garden. The Lillies are starting to bloom and so are the delphiniums and lupines. The Phlox would like to join the showing, but is just one step behind. It will have it’s own time soon.

We have indulged ourselves in garden peas all month, one of my favorite garden pleasures. I will make the cruel confession, that – although I grow them plenty – I do not enjoy raw tomatoes. Peas are my “pick-off the vine and eat right there” guilty pleasure.   Now their foliage is starting to yellow and soon we will have to make room for pickles, cucumbers and beans on the trellises. The tomatoes have outgrown the seedling stage and are setting bloom for the first harvest.  The okra is planted and the peppers are in the ground. The last patch of potatoes will soon make way for the yearly sweet potato crop. Unfortunately the weather turned hot very fast and my second planting of salad is not off to a promising start. I may have to try again in a more shaded bed.

I longingly  keep looking at the fruit trees and berry bushes. The peach is full of fruit and I hope the critters will finally leave me one to eat. The blackberry bushes are bursting. Raspberries of all kinds are setting bloom. I gave up on protecting the strawberries, I once again did not manage to outsmart the gang of squirrels that rule my berry patch. Maybe the blueberries will be better. Maybe they will have mercy and leave me just a handful of fruit to reap for all my efforts.  There is always hope.

I need to get back to pulling weeds and laying mulch. All awhile smiling at the roses.



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