The State of the Garden – A Happy Weekend

You may not be aware, but yesterday was one of my favorite holidays. It was “the roses have arrived” day. I personally declare it a holiday.

I try to make it a Christmas tradition, to ask for roses from my husband. Around November, the David Austin Catalog lays in the mailbox and I start marking those roses already in the garden and picking out additions for the different beds. Then I quietly place my book of dreams, as he calls it, on his desk and hope for the best. And order a few roses from Heirloom roses, just to make sure.

So there it was on Saturday, the box I have been waiting for, holding my hopes for this season. And I was not disappointed – 7 new roses have found their way into our garden, 3 ramblers (Paul’s Himalayan, Malvern Hills and The Albrighton Rambler). Three shrub roses to be added to the transition into the vegetable garden ( Olivia Rose Austin, Thomas a Becket and Maid Marion) and one at the front entry ( The Poet’s wife).  As luck had it, the Heirloom roses arrived on the same day, giving me a chance to finish the plantings by the vegetable garden with a border of different Rosa Rugosa Varieties. The warm weather and overcast sky made for perfect planting conditions and I used the incentive to also sift the compost and clean up a small area around the large Poplar Tree that will be  home for two of the ramblers.

We finally took the cover off the patio grill and officially started the BBQ season. I know – my friends in colder climates – it’s not fair. But just think of me when you spend your summer in perfect outfits sitting on your patios, while I am hiding in air conditioned malls. We call it even then.  A first salad from the garden beds and some lovingly grilled steak and veggies rounded out the perfect spring day.

On Sunday it was time to fix and retouch the irrigation system. I moved a few shrubs and a small apple tree this winter. The irrigation had to follow. It was difficult to find places to step between the budding lilies, hopefully not causing too much damage. But now that it is done and mulched over, I am proud to call it completed. We are still under drought watch, with watering restricted to Thursdays and Sundays – therefore it was all systems go, before the week begins. The evening will bring a cup of tea and some notes on what plants to add in this season, I hope it won’t be too much. And that the little guy goes to sleep fast, dreaming of our perfect weekend in the garden.



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