Tuesday Quick Tip – DIY Seed Pot

The greatest joy are those plants in my garden that I have grown from seed. And I grow a lot of them. Almost all my vegetable plants, with he exception of bell peppers and eggplants, start from seed right in my basement. This year I am also trying to start a number of annual and perennial flowers.


I try to safe every plant container and tray I “purchase” with my plants, but sometimes I just don’t have the right size container available to start seeds.  I like to use this trick for flowers, but not so much for vegetables, as the news paper ink may leek into the soil.  These DIY seed pots are also useful to start annuals and perennials that do not like to be transplanted – like Texas Bluebonnet and Hollyhocks. You can just plant the container and all – and the plants can keep growing as it breaks down.

dsc09910Here is what you need. A newspaper page, a small round object like this Campbell chicken soup can, a small container with water and some seed starting soil mix.

I try to stay away from the really big color add pages, but in general I will use any page. I don’t like using “adds” because they are often made of paper that is hard to fold or has lots of printing ink in it. Just a plain old newspaper page will do best.




You fold the newspaper page lengthwise twice, so it makes a small strip. You then wrap that strip around your small round object. You want to make sure that about 2 inches or 5cm are sticking out the bottom so you can fold it over to “close the pot”.

To secure the pot bottom, simply set it into a bowl of water and push down on the inside of the pot. The water will make the newspaper stick together and prevent it from pushing open. Then remove your soup can, set the pot on a tray to catch excess water and fill with seed starting mix.

These might seem fragile but hold up extremely well to frequent watering and  change of soil / seeds if necessary. The below pots are almost 2 month old and have been used to germinate three different types of perennial – currently awaiting the germination of some Texas Bluebonnet.



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