Lakeshore Garden – End of Month

Sometimes life gets busy without advanced notice. A sick child and a sick dog make for one tiered gardener. So a quick look into my own garden will hopefully hold you over to more exciting times.

Here it is, Lakeshore Garden still waiting for it’s summer glory, but with lovely signs of spring in every corner.


Peas, carrots, radishes, cabbage and kale are all growing strong right now, enjoying the warm temperatures and frequent rain fall. The Azaleas are blooming and so are the daffodils. The plum tree has decided to leaf out and the peach tree is in bloom. I am concerned that the bees are still sleeping, so I spent some time pollinating the blooms with a small art brush. Every year we grow a lovely batch of peaches on the tree. Every year we do not get to eat a single one of them, as raccoons, possums and other tricksters have made it past any barrier I have managed to install. I am sure there will be some “battle the thieves” post in the near future.

I am really looking forward to this gardening year and hope you will all join me on this journey. More to come soon.

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