Inspired from a distance

I didn’t know of Camellias until I moved to the South. In my home garden, Camellias are traded as indoor plants at best. Usually they are not traded at all. Then one day about 11 years ago, I almost caused a crash driving though a quiet neighborhood. In the middle of winter, in this quiet street, stood  a house ablaze with blooms. Every year I drive by and look at it when I am in the area.

I don’t know who lives there, I don’t know if they care to garden or just got lucky to buy a house with the most magnificent Camellia I have ever seen. And they love to share it, as every year it is adorned with a hand-written note inviting passerby to “please pick a flower”. I like to believe a young couple once planted it and now they sit by the window looking out onto all that has grown.

I was inspired to do just that. Therefore one of the very first plants I planted here at the house was Camellia – there are 15 in total right now. Tiny, little ones with two or three flowers on them. But one day, I hope to sit by the window with the one I love and watch them bloom in all their splendor.


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