First signs of spring…


7 thoughts on “First signs of spring…

  1. There was I getting jealous and wondering why you had so much in bloom whilst I’m still looking at emerging shoots and the odd bud. I should have read the “About” page first! You and I seem to share a lot of plant choices; it’s just mine are a bit backward! 🙂

    I look forward to strolling round your garden with you as the year progresses.


    1. John, thank you very much. It has been unusually warm here in the southern US, too. So we are being spoiled with early daffodils by end of January already. I hope you enjoy the year and I am looki g forward to seeing yours.


    1. Horst

      Beneidenswert. Da sieht man Ende März schon einen deutlichen Unterschied zu Deutschland. Hier zeigen die Pflanzen jetzt erst ihre ersten Knospen. Da bei uns das Gärtner jetzt erst richtig beginnt werde auch ich mal diese tolle Idee mit den papierenden Anzuchtbechern probieren.


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